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Cold Chain & Temperature Control Distribution Summit, May 17-June 09 2011

02 May 2011

Sofrigam is taking part in the very first global cold-chain event: the Cold Chain & Temperature Control Distribution Summit, which is being held exclusively on-line.


This event is bringing together all of the players in the cold chain from the world over, to address issues and challenges that they encounter regularly: transporting heat-sensitive medicinal products throughout the world, while also guaranteeing patient safety and a controlled temperature throughout the journey, preventing risks of theft and misuse of transported products, and being aware of the various regional, national, and international regulations.  Such are the issues addressed at this event with a view to guaranteeing cold-chain logistics that are effective, safe, and secure.

Over the last ten years, IQPC has launched over ten cold-chain events from Latin America to the United States, and including Europe and South Africa, thereby developing over 74,000 contacts globally.

To participate in the event, register with IQPC by clicking on this link:

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