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‘Clinical Trial Supply Europe’, the trade fair highlighting the logistics of clinical trials, 25 to 26 February, in Cannes, France

20 February 2015

Once again, European companies involved in the logistical supply chain for clinical trials will be attending the ‘Clinical Trial Supply Europe’ conference organised by Arena.

transporting specimens, distributing clinical trials, cold chain logistics, insulated packaging solutions conforming to UN3373

Security measures for distribution networks, optimisation of logistical costs, implementation of innovative supply strategies, maintaining constant temperatures – these are just some of the key subjects that will be discussed with representatives of the industry.

The results of these medical analyses, clinical trials or monitoring studies are decisive factors in the marketing authorisation dossier (MAD) for a treatment. Scientific research requires dispatch solutions that can meet these challenges while complying with the IATA and ADR regulations applying to the transportation of infectious substances.

What is the situation regarding specimens to be transported via the cold chain?

Heat-sensitive specimens must be transported in strict compliance with the cold chain. Therefore, the use of a cold chain shipping solution is essential for maintaining a temperature range of between +2 °C and +8 °C (or even between +2 °C and +4 °C) or below –18 °C. Their effectiveness depends on it.

Laboratories, stockists and CRO centres use cooling boxes. During treatment in the home, qualified insulated bags are used to transport the product. For the return journey, specimens (of blood, skin, etc.) are transported in insulated packaging solutions that comply with UN3373, from the sampling point (hospital or laboratory) to the analysis laboratories.

Insulated packaging solutions, certified to UN3373, for transporting clinical trials

insulated box certified to UN3373, transport of clinical trials at controlled temperatures, cold chain logistics

Sofrigam, a company specialising in insulated containers for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors, has designed a range of special containers to satisfy the statutory requirements applicable to the transportation of specimens at controlled temperatures.

Suitable for the transportation of clinical trials (clinical specimens, diagnostic specimens or biological substances, Category B), the Clinibox insulated box guarantees conformity with existing regulations relating to the carriage of hazardous goods (IATA and ADR) as well as compliance with the cold chain.

These UN3373 transport kits consist of VIAL 650 pouches, certified to 95 kPA by an IATA-approved laboratory and an insulated box made from polyurethane panels qualified to ISTA 7E.

A complete UN3373 Transport Kit to safeguard the transportation of clinical trials throughout the journey, for periods of up to 36 hours at temperatures of between +2 °C and +8 °C and up to 72 hours at –18 °C.

Come and learn more about our insulated packaging solutions for transporting specimens at the ‘Clinical Trial Supply Europe’ trade fair on 25 and 26 February in Cannes!

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