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Ater Metrologie laboratory: test, validate and pre-qualify your packaging

Ater Metrologie carries out climatic tests that ensure that the packaging used will keep your products at the right temperature throughout their journey.
The temperature testing specialist for your products, materials and equipment

Ater Métrologie tests and qualifies the heat resistance of your packaging

The environmental testing laboratory certifies that your packaging is appropriate to your products and to your coolant logistics. From compliance with standards to performance tests, Ater Métrologie will carry out those essential tests designed to guarantee that your product is delivered in good condition.

Testing and qualification are essential when designing customized cold chain packaging. They are used to experiment with thermal performances and packaging reliability under real conditions. When insulated shipping packaging has been pre-qualified by Ater métrologie, your are provided with a qualification dossier drawn up in the presence of all involved: it proves that your packaging complies with the requirements set by the health authorities.

Ater Métrologie, a climatic testing lab for your products, materials and equipment.As a Sofrigam partner, the Ater Métrologie temperature testing lab tests Sofrigam insulating and cooling packaging solutions. The lab qualifies and certifies any cold equipment (containers,  temperature recorders, etc.) as well as all other equipment, products and materials that need to be exposed to heat, cold or humidity.

Advanced technical means

The specialist in industrial thermal testing for over 20 years.The Ater Metrologie laboratory has technical means that are consistent with its expertise. Like the most important metrology laboratories throughout the world, it deploys advanced technology hardware and software as part of its partnership with the Eurotherm company (Invensys group), world leader in the field of recording, control, process monitoring and data management. In particular, it has 11 programmable thermostatic enclosures equipped with a measurement system that has been qualified in accordance with pharmaceutical demands (21 CFR part 11). This equipment enables it to test cold chain shipping solutions with capacities of up to 3,000 litres.

Sofrigam works with the Ater métrologie laboratory to check that your packaging precisely satisfies your technical specifications. The laboratory's assessment is essential to compliance with the cold chain.

Ater Métrologie is an ISTA and ISO 9001 certified laboratory. It carries out 2,000 tests each year.

Ater Métrologie laboratory ISO certificationAter Métrologie laboratory ISTA Certification

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