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Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management Conference, march 01-0 4 2011, Bethesda, United States

15 February 2011

Member of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) for several years, Sofrigam has participated to one of the biggest american conference dedicated to the cold chain, organized for the 6th consecutive year by PDA.

This year, emphasis was focused on the need to secure the cold chain and find global scientific consensus to ensure patient safety.

Pharmaceutical companies have decided to focus their research on products derived from biotechnology, temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals products which are launched on the market have growth in recent years. However, their marketing is not a simple case: to ensure their efficacy, it is essential to secure the handling, storage and distribution of these products until their administration to the patient.

The aim of this exhibition was to bring together global players of the logistics cycle of cold sensitive products so that they cooperate to ensure quality, integrity and efficacy of pharmaceuticals until their distribution to the patients.

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