Clinibox UN3373 packaging

Optimum protection for your clinical trials

Certified UN3373, the Clinibox range of insulated shipping packaging boxes protects and safeguards the transport of your fresh or frozen clinical trials for up to 96 hours.

Clinical trials, UN3373, insulated shipping boxes

Because samples produced by scientific research must have appropriate transport solutions, Clinibox is a range of cold chain shipping packaging specifically designed for the sensitive transport of clinical trials, diagnostics samples, biological samples and other ultra sensitive products.

High performance insulated packaging, the Clinibox ensures that your products remain under optimum temperature, security and protection conditions.

Clinical trials packaging

The packaging, with its box printed with UN3373, consists of polyurethane panels, an insulating material acknowledged for its thermal performance. Each test tube is packaged in a secondary absorbent container, the 95Kpa bag, thus making the content of each flask totally secure.

Your consignment can be transported up to 96 hours in total safety and in strict compliance with the UN3373 regulation.

The packaging is quickly and easily prepared for immediate availability thanks to the instruction notice included.

Sofrigam cold chain packaging, pharma logistics

All packaging in our Clinibox range is AFNOR and ISTA 7E qualified by our partner, the Ater Métrologie laboratory.

Clinibox is the turnkey solution for the secure despatch of your clinical trials.


  • UN3373 temperature-controlled packaging boxes

  • High protection of your clinical trials up to 96 hours

  • Short preparation time and easy to use packaging solution

Technical Specifications

Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C, -18°C, <-20°C (dry ice)
up to 96 hours
Available volumes:
5L, 21L
rigid high-density polyurethane panels
Outer packaging
: corrugated cardboard
Cold source
: gel packs
Opening system
: opens from the top
AFNOR NF S99-700 and ISTA 7E standards

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