Initial Parcel Shippers

Lower your cold chain logistics costs

The Initial cold chain shipping packaging respond to air and road logistics standards to optimize the cold chain transportation of pharmaceutical products and to reduce logistics costs. This temperature-controlled packaging solution guarantees to control temperature while reducing the  TCO of your cold chain logistics.

Cold chain shipping packaging, insulated shipping box, pharmaceutical packaging

Cost-effective cold chain packaging solution for every supply chains

The Initial parcel shippers are suitable to every pharmaceutical and logistic distribution networks and all types of transport. The packaging are available in chilled and ambiant controlled temperatures ranges and various payload sizes. These single-use insulated packaging are  designed to secure the transport of pharmaceutical products at lower costs.

Optimized cold chain logistics

TCO cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical packaging, transportation of medicines

The Initial insulated packaging solutions have been studied to control your transportation costs. Thanks to high quality polyurethane insulation and the modularity of the amount of cold source, they offer a maximum payload for a minimum weight.

Secure the transportation of your products

The Initial packaging solutions are certified according to the AFNOR NFS 99-700 standard (profiles a, c, d). Tested and validated by the Ater Métrologie temperature testing laboratory, they guarantee a constant temperature over the specified duration.

All Sofrigam packaging solutions are designed from high quality materials, guaranteeing their robustness and their performance.

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  • Modularity of the amount of cold source according to the desired duration

  • Optimized payload

  • Reduction of your overall logistics costs (TCO)


Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C, +15/+25°C, -18°C
24 hours, 48 hours, 96 hours, 120 hours
Available payload sizes:
from 2L to 86L
 polyurethane insulated panels or expanded polystyrene
Outer packaging
: corrugated cardboard
Cold source
: gel packs
Opening system
: opens from the top
: AFNOR NF S99-700 (profiles a, c, d)

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