'Elite' cooling boxes

240 hours of peace

The insulated and cooling boxes in the Elite Collection are made from high quality and high performance insulating materials. The temperature remains perfectly stable for up to 240 hours, even if your products are being transported in extreme climatic conditions or on a little known logistical circuit. Give yourself peace of mind with a highly secure shipment.


'Elite Box' refrigerated packaging solution

'Elite Box', the ultra-high performance insulated box

The refrigerated packaging solutions in the Elite collection are made of two high performance insulating materials: polyurethane and VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels). The combination of these two thermal insulating materials keeps the temperature perfectly stable for up to 240 hours, even in extreme transport conditions, i.e. 3 to 5 times more than traditional insulated packaging solutions.

Even so, the volume of the packaging is perfectly optimized so as to maximize the shipping of products while minimizing the packaging weight.

thermal efficiency, cold chain packaging solutions, storage +2/+8°C

Comparison of efficiency between Elite and Initial insulated packaging solutions
between +2/+8°C

Your products deserve the best security

We have selected the best materials to make 'Elite Box' containers very robust. Moreover, they are equipped with a tamper proof system which immediately detects if the container has been opened during transportation.

Because our job is to help with the management of your cold chain logistics, preparation of Elite insulated boxes is designed to be as quick and simple as possible: no stabilization phase for the gel packs is required. The loading instructions are provided with the packaging solution.

Proven reliability

Like all of our packaging solutions, the 'Elite' boxes are subject to thermal efficiency tests carried out by the Ater Métrologie laboratory, which guarantees their efficiency.

Certified according to the ISTA 7E and AFNOR NF S99-700 standards, they respond to the regulatory constraints associated with the transport of pharmaceutical products via the cold chain.


  • Maintaining a constant temperature for up to 240 hours

  • Very robust insulated shipping boxes

  • Tamper proof system

Technical specifications

Temperature ranges: +2/+8°C, +15/+25°C, -18°C
up to 240 hours
rigid polyurethane panels and very high density VIP
Outer packaging
: corrugated cardboard
Cold source
: gel packs
Opening system
: opens from the top
: AFNOR NF S99-700, ISTA 7E

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