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The ‘4th Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’, November 26/27, 2014 in Lyon, France

13 November 2014

Gathering together the many participants in the cold chain via debates and conferences: this is the purpose of the ‘Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’, a seminar on the cold chain for healthcare products.

The ‘4th Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’: what is on the agenda?

All the solutions for safeguarding the logistics network for heat-sensitive healthcare products until they are administered to the patient.6 subcommittees comprising some fifty members (suppliers of cold chain equipment, healthcare professionals, metrologists, etc.) will be taking part this year: 

  • ‘Good Distribution Practice’, chaired by Marie Bonned (Cemafroid)
  • ‘Metrology and Risk Management’, chaired by Evelyne Derens-Bertheau (Irstea)
  • ‘Road Transport’, chaired by Jean Rémy Rougier (Biotrans)
  • ‘Sustainable Development’, chaired by Gilles Labranque (Sofrigam)
  • ‘The Last Mile’, chaired by Michel Dufros (Berlinger)
  • ‘International Transport’, chaired by Jérôme Chavant (Colca Medica)

We will be taking part in the sessions ‘The Last Mile’ and ‘Sustainable Development’ (we will also be chairing this subcommittee). These are two subjects that are very important to us!

The Last Mile: what are the solutions and best practices for safeguarding the transit of medicinal products until they are administered to the patient?

For more than 5 years, we have invested in a programme of support for healthcare establishments in order to ensure that healthcare professionals are aware of the importance of safeguarding heat-sensitive healthcare products until they are administered to the patient. We will be providing a variety of recommendations during the ‘Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’.

Sustainable Development: how can we significantly reduce the environmental impact of transporting healthcare products throughout the entire supply chain?

We quickly turned our attention to this problem in conjunction with our business activity as a manufacturer of insulated shipping packaging systems and we have come up with solutions: ecologically-sound design of temperature controlled packaging solutions, reduction of the weight of the packaging solutions, implementation of a recycling programme and many more.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions and the energy consumption caused by the transport of medicinal products via the cold chain, all the players must get involved (laboratories, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies). 

A brief look back at the ‘Conference on the Cold Chain’?

Conferences and debates on Good Distribution Practice in the distribution and storage of heat-sensitive medicinal products.

The ‘Cold Chain for Health Products’ seminar is organised on the initiative of the AFF ("Association Française du Froid" [The French Refrigeration Association]) and the SFSTP ("Société Française des Sciences et Techniques Pharmaceutiques" [The French Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology]), chaired respectively by Gérald Cavalier and Vincent Boudy. The first ‘Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’’ seminar was held in 2008. Since then, each event has been marked by success!

In 2012, the 3rd seminar was host to more than 220 participants – representatives of everyone involved in the cold chain – and 15 exhibitors. We showed a documentary film, shot at the Hospital Center in Arras (62), concerning the bad and good practices applied to every link in the cold chain. The published information was appreciated for its effectiveness and its relevance.

Come along to the 4th Seminar with an equally instructive programme!

Download the agenda for the ‘4th Conference on the Cold Chain for Health Products’ seminar

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