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2018 : a year full of surprises for Sofrigam !

10 January 2018

2017 is drawing to a close and we would like to thank you again for your loyalty. 2017 has been marked by a genuine desire on the part of Sofrigam to communicate with you, via social media, with regard to market trends in relation to the cold chain logistics.

The benefit of staying in touch and exchanging comments with you is beyond doubt. Your diligence and your suggestions have encouraged us to go further. This is why Sofrigam will pursue its commitment to deploy the relevant digital content and tools in order to ensure that – for you – 2018 will be a year full of surprises! In the meantime, everyone at Sofrigam wishes you a magnificent year ahead. 

     What is the assessment of 2017 for Sofrigam ? 

The year 2017 has been marked by the transition from temperature-controlled logistics to digital supply logistics. The objective in the medium term is to deliver heat-sensitive products within the “Amazon” deadlines, anywhere in the world, in complete safety and at minimal cost

With this in mind, this year the market has evolved toward so-called ‘reusable’ packaging solutions, equipped with tracker systems. The purpose of these is to control the temperatures inside the packaging in real time, as well as to provide the big data required in order to ensure that the logistics system is improved and rendered more flexible. A challenge you are faced with every day and one that is changing rapidly!

For more than 40 years, Sofrigam has been an active participant in the cold chain logistics. Our engineers are working with increasingly innovative tools and materials in order to improve the performance of our products or our services.  Our experts travel around the world to meet you in the field, analyse your problems and devise technical solutions.  Our communications teams organise and take part in international conferences so as to discuss your current topics and to anticipate future requirements.

2018 is also the year that will mark communication at Sofrigam !

The desire of our company has been – and always will be – to share its expertise, its research and the knowledge acquired on the ground with companies that are apprehensive about changes to the cold chain logistics. Until recently, Sofrigam remained rather timid where social media and the digital age were concerned, but 2017 marked a real turning point for the company. For us, the creation of a blog, relayed by Twitter and LinkedIn, was the first step toward involvement in a world of digital communicationOur blog covers a wide variety of subjects: regulations, reuse of packaging, maritime or air cargo logistics, patient-centric policies, big data and so on – we touched on all these topics during 2017. In each case, we asked the expert service at Sofrigam to freely share their analyses, critiques and feedback from the field regarding specific subjects.

The New Year is rapidly approaching and already 2018 promises to be full of surprises and innovations.  Sofrigam intends to go further in its discussions with you.  Our communications team is setting ambitious goals for 2018. In terms of temperature-controlled logistics, we are developing new services and communication tools so that we can exchange information with you in an interactive and regular manner.  At this early date in the year 2018, we are unable to reveal everything about Sofrigam’s forthcoming innovations ; however, a new site will be launched so that we can exchange information with you interactively, wherever you are.  We will be distributing all our thoughts and tools, focussing on the topic of big data, so that you can make your logistics operations more efficient , more reliable and more flexible .

Everyone at Sofrigam joins with me in wishing you a very Happy New Year in 2018!  

Gilles Labranque – Chairman


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